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JDock 1.1

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JResourceBrowser 1.1 : A component for navigating into various containers

JResourceBrowser is a swing component similar to the javax.swing.JFileChooser but letting the user navigating into a set of directories bound to various protocols or containers. For an usage sample, listing an ftp directory, creating a new file and editing it inside your application. JResourceBrowser is provided by default with a set of "managers" dedicated to ZIP and JAR, FTP and WebDAV.


  • JavaBeans
  • Built with a GridBagLayout
  • Create your own plugins for navigating
  • User Interface delegate for rendering a file
  • Cutomize the set of actions
  • Default actions for creating a new file, deleting, renaming or locking/unlocking
  • Extracting or putting a file content
  • Save/restore the user interface state
  • ZIP, JAR support
  • FTP support
  • WebDAV support
  • Local file system support
  • JDK 1.4 and 1.5 compatibility

Windows - Browsing a ZIP


Linux - Browsing an FTP server

Mac OS X - Browsing a ZIP

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